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My mentors:

My father: an extraordinary man…lawyer, playwright, journalist, radio commentator, painter and jazz pianist. I managed to pursue one of his skills…Jazz.

Renzo Nissim at his piano in New York City, circa 1950

Dr. Barry Harris, keeper of the bebop flame, conducts masterclasses on a weekly basis in New York City.

Get a taste of the masterclass atmosphere: October 25, 2005

Barry Harris & Rob Nissim - NYC - May 7, 2002

Gil Coggins, whose beautiful arrangements of standards could be heard most Saturdays at the
C Note in NYC: he sadly passed away on Feb. 15, 2004.

Rob & Gil outside the C Note - NYC - June 15, 2002

Chris Anderson - one of the most amazing harmonizers of standard songs I have ever heard. He mixes Ravel and Debussy into the great tradition of jazz harmony.

Rob & Chris Anderson at The Jazz Gallery, NYC - October 12, 2002