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Robert and Cathy's 2010 News

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It's the end of a decade, and what a decade! 2010 has been different, in that Cathy has been doing consulting work from home, sharing the studio space with Robert. However, that will change in 2011, and Robert won't have a lunch mate any more! Cathy will be starting a new job, and is looking forward to working with the faculty of Columbia Business School to improve their teaching methodologies.

Robert made the first sale of his music composition software in May, even though he was on page 36 of Google, and he's really looking forward to taking the music education market by storm in 2011, as his Google rankings improve and his upcoming promo video is released.

Highlights of the year have been two long road trips. The first to Rochester, Michigan in November, to celebrate Thanksgiving with Cathy's family. We stayed with Cathy's youthful and fun-loving Aunt Bushy. Her daughter Camille (Cathy's cousin) treated us to a fascinating visit to Detroit zoo. On Thanksgiving day we watched Camille's grandchildren go wild while us adults trawled through large quantities of food, as per tradition.
The second trip was to Wilmington, North Carolina and on to Florida, in December, to escape the freeze that gripped New York. In Wilmington we were given a royal welcome by very good friends Charlie and Teresa Cote. We had a really fun time with them, exploring Myrtle Beach, and being most generouly treated to a spectacular Christmas musical, and first class food. We then resumed our trip to Sarasota, Florida, to join Cathy's old time friend MJ.

Robert made 3 trips to stay with his mother in London this past year, in April, July and October. Robert always welcomes this opportunity to catch up with his English side of the family.

We've been able to see many old friends during the year, thanks partly to Cathy's lighter work schedule, and we remember these good times with pleasure. Nevertheless, the fast pace of New York has kept us both under considerable goal-oriented pressure, preventing us from wandering too far afield. In May, a jazz night started in a club just 5 minutes away from our front door, and we have been hearing top musicians every Thursday. Those jazz nights unfailingly put a spring in our step the following day!

November and December were particularly busy for us both, what with Cathy doing job interviews and Robert starting on some new website design work. We realized how much pressure we have been under when Christmas crept up on us and no cards had been bought, let alone sent. We're trying to make up for this by sending you this newsletter, wishing you a wonderful 2011, and hopefully the start of a healthy and happy new decade.

Warm Wishes to You All!

Robert and Cathy

Sarasota, Florida, Dec. 2010

MJ (with Honey, the labrador), Robert and Cathy - Dec. 25, 2010.